College grad pens '50 Jobs in 50 States'

March 8, 2011 6:17:08 PM PST
Author Daniel Seddiqui visited ABC7 Chicago Monday to talk about his journey from jobless college graduate to a resume that lists work experience from across the country.


Like many college graduates, Seddiqui had a hard time finding a job after college. Despite facing over 40 rejections from potential employers, he knew there had to be an opportunity for him out there somewhere.

So, he set out on an extraordinary adventure that led him to discover the many industries, opportunities, and cultures America has to offer. He recounts the journey in his book, 50 Jobs in 50 States: One Man's Journey of Discovery Across America.

Before embarking on his trip, Daniel decided that he wasn't going to pursue just any job. His goal was not only to explore different careers, but also to explore the country-so he sought jobs that reflected teh culture and economy of each state. Working the quintessential profession of each state, he received an authentic taste of what America was truly about.

Daniel tried everything: he became a cheese maker in Wisconsin, a border patrol agent in Arizona, a meatpacker in Kansas, and a surfing instructor in Hawaii. In 50 Jobs in 50 States, he chronicles all aspects of his journey--from adapting to the unique demands of every job and the wildly differing cultures and environments, to his personal introspection and self-growth along the way.

Throughout his quest, Daniel ate his first corn on the cob, shot his first gun, and worked side by side with authentic Amish folks. He met people who were willing to give him a job based on no prior experience, and formed friendships with locals who were eager to hear his stories and share their own. In every state, he encountered people who faced the same predicament he was in, from students anxious about choosing the right major in college to mid-career professionals struggling to make a career change in a bleak economy. By sharing his story, Daniel inspired others to redefine their understanding of a traditional career trajectory.

By the end of his journey, Daniel had more than just an impressive resume-he had also acquired scores of new friends, a new perspective on American culture, and tools to overcome just about any obstacle. By remaining persistent, using his networks, taking some calculated risks, and readily adapting to whatever life threw at him, he endured a year of vastly unique experiences, never quite knowing waht the next week would bring.

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