Olympian member of Cook Co. sheriff's cadets

March 10, 2011 4:29:29 AM PST
An Olympian is among the 45 graduates that make up the Cook County Sheriff's Department's new class of cadets.

Stacey Fuchsgruber, 36, is a member of the 1995 curling team. The mother of two says it is her lifelong dream to be in law enforcement.

"I have wanted to be in law enforcement as long as if can remember. I want to help people. Not everyone in there is in there with that ideal, but hopefully it will turn their life around," Stacey Fuchsgruber, said.

Fuchsgruber and her class will start their law enforcement careers as correctional officers at Cook County Jail. Sheriff Tom Dart presided at the ceremony in Palos Heights. He joked about Fuchsgruber's athletic ability- and that of another Olympian in the program.

"In our next class, we have another Olympian coming in. If anyone wants to challenge us in a sporting event, we probably have them nailed by now," said Sheriff Dart.

Many graduates have completed bachelor's and master's degrees.

"It is really something to get this type of caliber and it speaks well with where we're going with our department and we're ecstatic to have these type of people work with us," Sheriff Dart said.