Play 18 simulates greatest golf courses

March 16, 2011 3:36:06 PM PDT
Imagine the most beautiful golf courses in the world -- and put them all in Chicago's Loop.

Play 18 at 17 North Wabash is a new business with high-tech, computerized golf.

"We have simulators and driving bays so you have an opportunity to play a full round or work on your game replicating a driving range experience," John Sotos, managing partner, said.

ABC7's Frank Mathie took a crack at the 18 th hole at Pebble Beach. It wasn't his best drive with 165 yards, 357 yards from the hole. The high tech simulator gives golfers every bit of information: distance, hook, slice or big time trouble. There are two simulators and they cost $50 for an hour.

"They simulate real game play experiences. You get to choose ... at least we have sixty courses to choose from," Sotos said. "From around the world yes. Courses such as Pebble Beach and TPC Sawgrass. St. Andrews of course."

They also have four driving bays that don't have the large simulator screen but they do tell golfers all about the flight of their ball. And golfers say it's a little too accurate at times.

"Yes. it's very accurate," Alex Dimitrakakos, simulator hacker, said. "Exactly. In the woods. I just hit a tree."

Play 18 is creating a clubhouse atmosphere with a locker room and sauna. In a month they'll open their bar and kitchen.