Philly's top cop considers return to Chicago

March 17, 2011 9:58:47 AM PDT
Philadelphia's top cop Charles Ramsey said he has been in touch with Mayor-elect Rahm Emanual about leading the Chicago Police Department.

Police Commissioner Ramsey told ABC7's sister station, WPVI-TV, he is in ongoing talks with Emanuel about becoming Chicago's police superintendent. Ramsey began his career in Chicago 40 years ago.

I wouldn't say one foot is out the door. I'm focused on what needs to be done here in Philadelphia," Ramsey said in an interview with WPVI.

Talk of the possible move to Chicago surfaced last week. Ramsey's salary in Philadelphia is $195,000 per year. Former CPD superintendent Jody Weis police superintendent was paid $310,000 per year.

If Ramsey returned to Chicago's payroll, he would have to stop collecting the $95,000 annual pension he now gets from the Windy City.

Emanuel is expected to have a full-time replacement for Weis by the time he is sworn in, mid-May. Terry Hillard, who served as police chief, returned to the force as interim police chief for the Chicago Police Department until a permanent replacement is named.