Are you part of a 'D.I.N.K.?'

March 23, 2011 8:49:41 AM PDT
A new movie set in suburban Chicago tackles the subject of married couples who do not have children or ''D.I.N.K.S,'' which stands for ''Double Income No Kids.''

The cast is primarily from Chicago.

Illinois native Robert Alaniz is the film's director, producer and writer, and he and lead actress, Deborah Craft Proud, visited the ABC7 studio to talk about the upcoming premiere.

The storyline of the movie focuses on a childless freelance writer who lives in a family-dominated suburb of Chicago. The writer decides to publish articles about discrimination against married couples without children, and his career skyrockets.

But when one of his articles involves the town's mayor, the writer lands in court on accusations of slander.

Producer/ Director/ Screenplay: Robert Alaniz
Executive Producers: Max Nayden, Dave Branigan, William Wagoner

Chicago Premiere
When: Friday, March 25
Doors: 6 p.m.
Start: 8 p.m.

Portage Theater
4050 N. Milwaukee Ave.

$25 at the door
$20 in advance

(Note: In the interest of full disclosure, we should mention that ABC7 news editor and media supervisor Irit Nayden plays a minor role in the movie. Her husband, Max Nayden, is one of the executive producers of the movie.)