School board: Teacher cannot teach creationism

March 22, 2011 8:30:10 PM PDT
A suburban school district is ordering a teacher to no longer mention, let alone teach, creationism in class.

On Tuesday night, the school board that oversees Libertyville High School heard from parents and students for and against teacher Beau Schaefer's practice of discussing creationism and evolution in his science classes.

Atheist activist Rob Sherman petitioned the board to take a stand against allowing teachers to tell students about divine creation.

"You can't have a science teacher say that there's evolution and there's also creation, and both are scientific theories of equal merit. They're not. Evolution is science. Creationism is religion," Sherman said.

"I thought he was one of the best teachers I ever had," said Libertyville High School student Brian Holzer. "He never pressured us to believe any, one way or the other, but we did learn evolution in his class."

The school board decided that the teacher will not be terminated.

Board members voted unanimously for remediation but did not disclose what that involves.