Sunda Bang!Bang! Salad

May 3, 2011 8:50:51 AM PDT
The Chinese American Service League (CASL) is holding its 22nd annual benefit dinner next week at the Hilton Chicago. Four of Chicago's renowned Asian American Chefs are preparing a 4-course dinner.

Serves 4-6

For Salad:
8 oz Papaya, Julienne
4 oz Carrot, Julienne
4 oz Mango, Julienne
4 oz Zucchihni, Ribbons
4 oz Jicama, Ribbons
4 oz Chyote, Ribbons
1 oz Radish, Shaved
1 oz Red Onion, Julienne
4 oz Dressing

For Dressing:
2 T Mae Ploy (Sweet Chili Sauce)
2 T Fresh Lime Juice
2 T Distilled White Vinegar
1 T Water
1 T Minced Garlic
¼ C Sugar
1 t Fish Sauce
1 t Sambal Olek

1 ? 12 oz Package Soba Noodles, Cooked
1 head Boston Lettuce
Chopped Cilantro
Chopped Mint
Crushed Roasted Peanuts
Fried Shallots
Cherry, Teardrop or Grape Tomatoes, Halved

Mix dressing ingredients in a non-reactive bowl, stir well until sugar is dissolved, refrigerate to let flavors incorporate and develop.

Toss all salad ingredients together in large bowl with 4 oz of dressing.

To plate place 3 oz cooked soba noodles in a wide shallow bowl.

Place 2-3 Boston lettuce leaves on top of soba noodles to form a cup. Place a portion of the dressed salad mix in a high mound in center of the lettuce cup. Garnish with a sprinkling of chopped cilantro, mint, peanuts and fried shallots over the top and tomato halves around the salad.