Nitroglycerine found in Calif. teacher's classroom

May 25, 2011 (LIVINGSTON, Calif.)

Authorities evacuated this school and called in the Merced Police Bomb Squad Wednesday morning. Then late afternoon, they detonated explosives they found in Japhia Huhndorf's classroom.

Police say it's a very unstable explosive, and a hard enough impact could have caused it to go off while students were around.

This investigation all started after police arrested Huhndorf Monday on child endangerment charges. They say she had helped three male students inhale chloroform, a chemical that can provide a high.

One of the victims told detectives Huhndorf may have explosives in her chemistry classroom. That's when police asked administrators to evacuate all of the students so they could search the room. They also re-arrested Huhndorf.

"We brought her back here and spoke with her along with the FBI, and went through her classroom and the detectives found small amount of nitroglycerine in her room," said Sgt. Ray Fong. "So she will be booked on those charges today."

Huhndorf was taken to the Livingston Police Department and was questioned before being booked into the Merced County Jail.

Huhndorf posted bail after her first arrest on Monday. Investigators say that could happen again. Meanwhile, the school will re-open Thursday mornng.

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