Four killed in Chicago shootings Friday night

June 4, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Among those killed Friday night was a father of four. At least 13 other people were wounded.

There were at least 12 separate attacks between late Friday night and early Saturday morning on the city's South Side.

Saturday afternoon, investigators said the victims include an Englewood woman and Henry Tellis, 45, a hard-working father of four sons.

"He loved people - he had a lot of people loved him - and so whoever did this, I hope they come forward," said Tellis's mother, Ellawese Davis. "Don't be a coward. Come forward and show themselves. They did the wrongest thing in the world."

Relatives said Tellis was an honorable man who would never hurt or disrespect anyone. He died early Saturday morning as he returned home from his baggage handling job at O'Hare Airport. Relatives say two unidentified gunmen tried to steal his car.

"The guys were trying to open the car, but they couldn't get it open, I guess, and one of the guys, when he tried to open it, got mad and just starting shooting in the car, and that's what killed him," said Tellis's brother, Phillip Tellis.

Henry Tellis was found unresponsive in his vehicle with a gunshot wound to the chest.

"The weather absolutely attributes, just because everybody's out," said Chicago Police Lt. Michael Mulkerin. "So both your victims and your offenders are out on the streets."

Even before the Friday night and Saturday morning's shootings erupted, community leaders planned yet another anti-violence march.

It was intended to honor neighborhood youth and encourage kids to stay away from guns, gangs, and drugs.

"We all have to come together to end this senseless violence," said Teo Hardiman of CeaseFire.

Meanwhile, miles away, some people on one Englewood block still feel under siege after a 42-year-old woman was shot dead by two men as she and some friends stood in front of her home.

On Saturday, Shon Robinson, an outraged friend of the victim made a plea to those responsible for the killings and violence.

"We can stop it today if we want," said Robinson. "You cannot tell me we can't."

As of Saturday afternoon, police were still investigating the attacks and no arrests had been made.

In another overnight attack, police say two men walked up to people standing outside a home in the 6400-block of South Bishop Street and began shooting. A 42-year-old woman was shot fatally in the abdomen and back.

Two other people were also shot and were recovering later Saturday morning.

Authorities say a man was found with several gunshot wounds in an alley in the 4100-block of North Bernard Street, which is on the city's Northwest Side, early Saturday morning.

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