Road Rage: Man run over by car dies week later

August 26, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Mandeep Bedi was a graduate student at the University of Chicago. Now, police are still looking for the driver who struck him.

Bedi died at Stroger Hospital on Thursday.

While it has been a week since this happened, no one has come forward and no arrests have been made. The only description that has been given of the vehicle that hit the Bedis is that it is a silver car.

Friday, ABC7 spoke to Mandeep Bedi's sister, father and mother.

"He had big places to go. He was in too much of a hurry. He couldn't do it in this world," said Toni Bedi, Mandeep's mother.

Mandeep Bedi had his whole life ahead of him. He graduated from the University of Chicago last January and he was a newlywed, married just 15 months to Elizabeth Bedi, who he met at U of C.

But, that life was cut short, when a driver ran over the couple last Friday in what police believe to be a case of road rage. Mandeep Bedi died of his injuries Thursday. His family still has no answers.

"All we know is that it was a hit-and-run accident," said Surindar Bedi, Mandeep's father.

"I would rather he rest in peace, than everyone become consumed with who did it, why did it happen, who is responsible for this," said Priya Bedi, Mandeep's sister.

Police say that the incident that led to Bedi's death took place in Washington Park when his wife was attempting to merge into traffic. Upset with her, a female driver in another vehicle began to follow them. Eventually both vehicles pulled over near the 300-block of East Garfield. An altercation ensued and, according to police, the unidentified female driver put her car in reverse and hit Elizabeth Bedi. When Mandeep went to her aid, she hit him too.

"He's always going to be here. I have absolute faith in that," said Priya Bedi. "I have absolute faith in that he's here and no longer in pain, and that matters to me."

Police say they are still searching for the driver, but at the Bedi family home in Naperville Friday, his mother said it doesn't really matter to them whether the responsible party is found.

"It doesn't matter. My 'Baba' is gone," said Toni Bedi. "It's not my place to forgive her. I'm sure it was an accident. I'm sure the person is really scared."

The University of Chicago issued a statement earlier, which said in part, "This is an incredibly painful loss for our community. Mandeep has been a bright presence on campus. We will all honor his memory."

Mandeep's wife has already been released from the hospital. Understandably, she wasn't ready to talk on Friday.

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