Soaring temperatures roll into Chicago

September 1, 2011 (CHICAGO)

With the Labor Day holiday weekend nearly upon us, people are enjoying what's left of the summer season.

"I think the weather is pretty nice. I can't wait to see my friends again at school but I'm also gonna miss the freedom of summer. You can do pretty much whatever you want," said Charlie Nevins, who was enjoying the outdoors Thursday.

The soaring temperatures expected for Thursday and Friday are somewhat atypical for this time of year. Since 2001, Chicago has only hit 90 degrees 10 times after September 1.

"I love it. I just think about how long the winters are," said bike rider Larry Booth.

Wade Gotwals is keeping the cover off of his Jeep as long as possible. He's even planning to wind down the end of the season with some big Labor Day plans in California.

"A little surf and do some concerts, hit the beach, last hurrah," Gotwals said.

ABC7 only found one person looking forward to winter but he has an excuse.

"For me, this year is kind of different. We're expecting our first child. We are kind of getting the house ready and everything," said Gregory Williams.

The chance to sunbathe and rest on the beach under an umbrella is fleeting, but there is still time left for a few more sand castles.

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