Suspect dressed as Gumby tries to hold up store

September 7, 2011 7:36:59 AM PDT
Police in California are searching for the man who tried to rob a convenience store dressed up as the character Gumby.

The costumed suspect is caught on surveillance video going into a 7-11 store in the San Diego area Monday.

The Gumby wanna-be first asked for a pack of cigarettes. Then, the clerk says he demanded money and claimed he had a gun.

But it isn't easy being green in a bulky costume during a robbery attempt. He started fumbling through his pockets, and nothing but coins started falling out.

Gumby gave up and walked out. Police say he left in a minivan along with the man who came in behind him.

The clerk is from the Philippines, and has no idea who Gumby is, only that he left 27 cents behind.