Police: Handcuffed man tells officer he thinks he's wanted

October 2, 2011 (NEWTON COUNTY, Ind.)

According to an Indiana State Police news release, Zachary A. Keilman of Rensselaer, Ind., 18, told an officer last Thursday he believed he was wanted on a warrant. When asked why he thought he was wanted, police say Keilman rolled up his shirt sleeves, revealing he had handcuffs on both wrists. The chain in the middle reportedly had been cut.

Authorities say officers with the Newton County Sheriff's Department had detained Keilman the night before for attending an underage drinking party. They say Keilman -- who had been placed inside of a police vehicle-- ran away while still handcuffed when a deputy was dealing with other participants.

According to police, Keilman had someone cut the handcuffs but later realized he had left his ID inside of the deputy's car.

Authorities say escape and fleeing charges have been filed against Keilman.

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