Doctors diagnosing more 'text neck'

Some critics have questioned whether the laws could be enforced, whether there is enough data to warrant such bans, or if reckless driving statutes already cover texting behind the wheel. (AP Photo)

October 7, 2011 3:02:39 PM PDT
Doctors say they are seeing a growing number of people with a condition they're calling "text neck" after the way people hunch over their mobile devices to send text messages.

A spokesman with the "British Chiropractic Association" said there are a rising number of patients with this condition, which is caused by flexing the neck for extended periods of time. Some experts say it can be a precursor of permanent arthritic damage if it goes without treatment.

The solution?? Doctors say taking regular screen breaks and looking straight ahead while tucking the chin back every few minutes can help ward off symptoms.