Wrongly accused cop sues Will County

October 13, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Lynwood police officer Brian Dorian was originally branded as the "Honeybee Shooter" by sheriff's detectives and prosecutors who suspected he was responsible for a series of shootings along the Illinois-Indiana border that killed one man and injured two others in 2010.

"There was a ton of evidence showing Brian did not and could not have done these shootings," said Dorian's attorney Gregory Kulis. Dorian spent four days behind bars before detectives investigated his alibi, examined his home computer, and determined he was not responsible for the shootings.

The lawsuit specifically names Will County State's Attorney James Glasgow, Sheriff Paul Kaupas and a detective involved in the case. The suit alleges false arrest, malicious prosecution and accuses investigators of coercing a statement from an eyewitness who implicated Dorian.

Dorian, who continues to work as a police officer in Lynwood, told ABC 7 in an exclusive interview last December that the wrongful arrest hurt his faith in the Will County law enforcement. "It weighs on me a lot. Do you think I'm the only one?" Dorian said at the time. "Just the rush to judgment... to have other people in your line of work question you, and say you're some rogue out of control cop and throw some shackles on you and throw you in a cage with no evidence whatsoever. That's horrendous."

A Will County Glasgow state's attorney spokesman said Glasgow has not seen the lawsuit and will not comment.

Last winter, investigators identified Gary Amaya as the Honeybee Shooter after he was shot and killed with his own gun during a botched robbery attempt in Orland Park.

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