Bears in London say they'll be ready to play

October 21, 2011 (LONDON)

The Bears practiced at the Surrey County Cricket Club but before hitting the pads, some players including Brian Urlacher, tried their hand at cricket.

Urlacher said he has never seen cricket before and added, "(Some cricket players) have never seen a football before so it's a new thing for them."

Bears gear has been seen around London in anticipation of Sunday's game. Urlacher said he saw one British woman with an Urlacher jersey. She asked him to sign her "shirt."

The team that has arrived first has always won the London game. Tampa Bay arrived ahead of the Bears. Urlacher said the Bears aren't worried about that or jetlag.

"A lot of people talk about the fact that, 'Hey, you guys are coming over here later,'" Urlacher said. "I think people make a big deal out of nothing. We're here 40 hours before the game to get ready and we'll be ready."

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