Halloween Parties for Kids

October 26, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Step 1: Tricks!
Print spooky holiday words or images onto cardstock, like BOO, or have kids handwrite them on index cards. Place them into Debi Lilly Design Illusion vases, part of my exclusive collection with Safeway/Dominick's Grocery - bringing high style design to you right in the convenience of the grocery aisle - with a layer of colorful candy to act as a "weight" at the bottom of each vase.
This is so easy to do with the kids - making the perfect family craft.

Step 2: Treats!
What's spookier and easier than a fun DIY kid's craft added to the top of your favorite bakery cupcakes? Round up the kids, gather round the table, and have a hands on afternoon cutting construction paper bats for cupcake toppers.

Place them on a pretty cakestand (easy to create by placing a plate ontop a glass vase or upside down bowl for an instant "stand") to adorn the center of your buffet or table for an edible centerpiece. Kids love making their own desserts - and these candy corn mini trifles are as easy as pie. In juice glasses, or canning jars, kids can layer vanilla yogurt, peach yogurt and lemon yogurt, in the same color order as traditional candy corn. Top with a tiny candy corn, tie up with a hand tied ribbon, and watch them gobble them down. Apple Bites are a healthy, halloween-y treat filled with vitamin c and protein. Simply quarter an apple, then remove a wedge to create a "mouth", and insert slivered almonds for teeth. Monster Mashups combine a Mr. Potato Head style game with protein and veg - hard boiled eggs sliced for "faces", whole wheat or gluten free cracker "heads", chives, alfalfa, olives, carrots and more. Slithering Snakes pair cucumber slices with a healthy hummus in a fun, creepy way. Popcorn Balls are on of my favorite childhood memories - my Mom and I would whip them up every Halloween and hand them out for trick or treating. Using just four ingredients, make your own memories together at the table with your kids, butter, marshmallows, popcorn and protein packed trail mix.

Step 3: Craft! Set the kids on a backyard leaf roundup - or if no backyard - on a hunt in the neighborhood park for spooky leaf shapes.
Brush with white paint, draw in eyes and nose with a Sharpie pen, and Boo! Instant ghastly ghosts.

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