Cash Cab for Charity with Leon Logothetis

October 31,, 2011 (CHICAGO)


Leon Logothetis Will Drive a Vintage English Cab From New York To Los Angeles - Offering Free Rides, With Meter Fares Donated To Local Schools To Buy Books

Second Meter Will Run For Length Of Entire Journey, Total Cross Country Fare Will Be Donated to Charity In Los Angeles At Start Of World Kindness Week Nov 14

Author and TV host Leon Logothetis will cross America in a Cash Cab for Charity, departing New York Times Square on Oct 24th, and arriving in Los Angeles for the start of World Kindness Week Nov 14th. Upon arrival in Los Angeles he will donate the total dollar amount he accrued on his fare meter while crossing America to charity.

Logothetis will re-trace the route he took in his TV series 'Amazing Adventures Of A Nobody', which aired on National Geographic, where he crossed America with $5 in his pocket, relying entirely on the kindness of strangers. Now in his Cash Cab he will give back to the cities and communities that offered him kindness and enabled him to complete his first journey. In each city he will offer free rides to strangers, but keep a running total of the local fares he accrues. Logothetis will donate the total city fares he raises to a local school, helping them to buy books through his partnership with the charity

"In these tough times the idea of someone driving a Cash Cab for Charity across the country seems really heartwarming," said Logothetis. "I was so inspired when I crossed America on the kindness of strangers. I hope my book, which retells the story of that trip, can capture and share some of the magic I felt on my journey. I think this new trip can also serve as inspiration, and it's a great way for me to give-back to the communities that helped me so much. Even if only one child is inspired to become a life long reader, I feel my book giveaway will have been a success"

Logothetis is encouraging people in each city to get in touch with him if they would like a complimentary cab ride in their respective city. During the tour they can connect with him via Twitter (#thekindnesscab) and Facebook

On Logothetis' Cash Cab journey he will visit the following major cities on the following dates:

New York - October 24
Washington DC - October 26
Cincinnatti - October 28
Indianapolis - October 29
Chicago - October 31
St Louis - November 3
Denver - November 7
Santa Fe - November 9
Phoenix - November 11
Las Vegas - November 12
Los Angeles - November 14

Leon Logothetis crossed America, Europe and the UK on just $5 a day in three seasons of 'Amazing Adventures Of A Nobody', which National Geographic aired across the world. He has written about his adventures for Outside, LA Times, National Geographic, GOOD and Psychology Today among others. His new book 'Amazing Adventures Of A Nobody', which is out Oct 15th, documents his journey across America.

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