Powerball at $245M. What would you do with the money?

There are now 44 states involved in the Powerball game and that means that millions of people are putting down millions of dollars to take that chance, to buy that ticket that gives you the right to dream.

"Two hundred and forty five million. That's why I'm in this line right now," said one ticket buyer.

So the Powerball tickets are selling and selling big time. The numbers are up 60 percent in just the last week. But something unusual is happening in the lottery business that might surprise you. Jay Patel, owner of a newsstand at the Thompson Center, said Powerball sales have been average at best.

"People are not that much into the big money," Patel said. "They want small money, instant money, fast money."

At two of the stores visited by ABC7 Wednesday, Powerball was selling very well, but they weren't number one on the hot ticket list.

"Instant tickets continue to maintain a real strong sales growth through this whole process even when we have high jackpots," said Jim Bayci, a 7-Eleven owner on Wabash and Wacker.

Powerball is still a huge attraction, especially when it rolls over 13 times. The last winning ticket was sold on Sept.17th.

Two hundred and forty five million dollars if you win, but if you take the lump sum, it goes down to about a $ 100 million clear. Now just ask yourself this question: If you really didn't need the $100 million how would you use it to better the world?

"To better the world? I think I'd try to pay off some of this deficit," said one ticket buyer.

"I'd help the homeless," said another.

" I would try to donate a lot of the money towards research to helping disabled kids," said another buyer.

One ticket, by the way, has a one in 195 million chances to win.

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