Chef Matt Eversman of OON Chicago

Chef Matt Eversman (TimeOut Chicago)

November 5, 2011 7:05:16 AM PDT
TimeOut Chicago's Breakout Chef of the Year Matt Eversman is on track to open a new restaurant, OON Chicago, which will be a casual elegant dining experience serving Southeast Asian style cuisine influenced by contemporary American.

Eversman has teamed up with City Fresh Market ( to promote lobster, which he says has become really affordable for the home chef. Normally, thought of as a luxury dish, Eversman says lobster is well priced for either every day dinner or a special affair. Eversman is also participating in the Cooking Up Change Benefit ( for healthy schools campaign.

Cooking Up Change Benefit for Healthy Schools Campaign
Tonight (Thursday, November 3)
Skyline Loft at the Bridgeport Art Center
1200 W. 35th Street
Tickets: $100 (tax deductible)

For more information about Chef Eversman or City Fresh Market,, and