Video shows woman accused of spying on Motorola

November 8, 2011 (CHICAGO)

The government says Hanjuan Jin was living a double life, working as a senior software engineer for Schaumburg-based Motorola with plans to give company secrets to the Chinese military. Federal prosecutors say part of that plan was caught on a security camera at Motorola.

The video shows Jin coming and going -- sometimes in the middle of the night -- from Door 11 at Building 1301 at Motorola's headquarters in Schaumburg. It was February 26, 2007, and Jin had just gone back to work after a one-year medical leave.

The government claims Jin was downloading thousands of confidential documents during those afterhours trips to the office. Two days later she was arrested trying to board a plane bound for Beijing. A Customs agent discovered the documents and $31,000 in cash.

Jin has denied that she is a spy.

Tuesday, in court, technology experts described what Jin is accused of trying to steal, intricate engineering used to create cell phone calls, texting, Internet and walkie-talkie-type conversations.

A human resource director from Motorola also testified that Jin signed three contracts when she was hired, including a code of conduct agreement, promising not to steal any company secrets.

Defense attorneys admit Jin violated company policy by removing the documents but say she was taking the information to China to refresh her memory on the technology after her long medical leave.

Prosecutors say Jin was firming up a job in China during that medical leave and never planned to return to Motorola.

The government could finish presenting its case Wednesday. The defense plans to call a handful of witnesses, including Jin's infectious disease doctor.

Jin waived her right to a jury trial, so it will be up to U.S. District Judge Ruben Castillo to decide Jin's fate.

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