The Elf on the Shelf

November 10, 2011 (PRESS RELEASE)

When an elf is adopted by a family and given a name, it receives its Christmas magic. That magic is critical, granting the elf the power to observe all the family fun each day during the holiday season and then fly back to Santa's workshop with a report each night.

When children wake up the next morning, they race to see where their elf has decided to sit for the day ahead- creating endless joy and hide-and-seek fun throughout the holiday season for the whole family. Families can go online and register their scout elf's name and receive their Adoption Certificate and their very own letter from Santa.

Join Santa, the elves of the North Pole and the creators of the best-selling Chirstmas book and character, The Elf on the Shelf, and Big Canoe Entertainment for the release of their extraordinary 2011 Christmas animated spectacular, "An Elf's Story". On Saturday, Nov. 26, it will be available nationwide in DVD (2-D) and BluRay (3-D).

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