11/11/11 special date for brides, 11-year-old birthday girl

November 9, 2011 (CHICAGO)

At David's Bridal on North Elston, 11/11/11 is big business with the brides.

"Over 57,000 couples will be getting married on 11/11," Dee English, a sales associate at David's Bridal, said. "That's across the country. . .We believe over 500 couples will be getting married in the Chicago area."

Chicagoan Cassandra Taylor is one of those brides. She said 11/11/11 is more than an easy to remember anniversary.

"We chose eleven, eleven, eleven because it's a very spiritual number. William and I are very spiritual people and it represents sincerity, honesty, integrity, love," Taylor said.

On Friday, Taylor will marry William Guy. Does he ever act like an 11-year-old?

"That's an unfair question," laughed Taylor. "You're going to get me in trouble...Yes!"

The last eleven, eleven, eleven we had, of course, was 1911. The next one will be 2111. So it's pretty unusual when you turn eleven years old on eleven, eleven, eleven, like Myra Thompson, who attends Southwest Chicago Christian School.

"It's a golden birthday. It's on November 11th and 2011, and I'm turning eleven," said the fifth grader. "I'm having a big sleepover with all the girls in my class."

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