Gyrobike: The new way to learn to ride a bike

The company's patented technology adds stability to bicycles, particularly when traveling at slow speed. The company's flagship product, Gyrowheel, was released in December 2009 and is changing the way children learn to ride a bike.

Pricing starts at $99 for just the wheel and goes up to $199 for a complete bike. FREE SHIPPING

    How to teach a child to ride a bike:
  • Be safe. Always wear a helmet.
  • Don't use training wheels - they hinder learning and teach bad habits!
  • Be sure to have kids on a bike that allows them to touch the ground flat footed. (Lots of parents buy bikes too big to learn on hoping they'll grow into it.)
  • Don't hold the bike or the handlebars when you are helping them get started. Guide them by holding their back or shoulders.
  • Encourage kids to look straight ahead, keep pedaling and keep their arms straight in front of them. The bike goes where they are looking.
  • For timid beginners, try removing the pedals initially and allow them to use the bike as a seated scooter until they get comfortable. Then add the pedals.
  • Lots of encouragement and high fives! Make it fun.

12 Inch - $99
16 Inch - $119

12 Inch - $179
16 Inch - $199

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