Turkey plays big role on revamped Mity Nice menu

November 24, 2011 (CHICAGO)

"We condensed the menu down from 65 [or] 70 items to 30 great items. So we really re-focused the menu to make our best most popular items and kick them up a notch," said John Chiakulas, the Chef at Mity Nice Grill.

And a big part of what remained was turkey -- in chili, in meatloaf, and definitely in burgers.

"We found turkey's really popular with our guests. It's healthier than beef, it's a lighter option," Chiakulas said.

The chili may be leaner than beef, but obviously, if you add sour cream and cheese, that changes the equation. Meatloaf is thick and well-seasoned; served with carrots, green beans and hearty mashed potatoes swamped with rich gravy.

But it's the burger that seems to draw the most attention.. the garnishes are nothing out-of-the-ordinary, but by using freshly-ground turkey, they make one heck of a burger.

"This is a different take on turkey...it's a fresh, using ground turkey... so it's kind of like a substitute for beef in these dishes," said Chiakulas.

So it's a weird time of year for turkey lovers. After Thanksgiving you want to have more than just cold sandwiches everyday for leftovers. You could come here to Mity Nice to get that leaner protein in a number of tasty ways.

All three of those turkey dishes will stay on the menu, well past Thanksgiving.

Mity Nice
835 N Michigan Ave # Mezz1b
(312) 335-4745

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