CPD officer fatally shoots suspect during struggle

November 24, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Devon Ross, 27, was shot and killed by a Chicago police officer in the Englewood neighborhood. Authorities say Ross punched the officer several times in the face while trying to take her gun away after a foot pursuit.

Supporters of Ross admit he ran from police, but they say, that did not justify the shooting that ended his life on Thanksgiving.

According to a spokesperson from the Fraternal Order of Police, the officer attempted to make a traffic stop at around 1:50 Thursday morning. When the car allegedly took off a chase began which ended with the car crashing into a garage near 73rd and Emerald Avenue. The FOP says the four people who were in the car ran. That's when they say the officer chased Ross into an alley where the alleged confrontation occurred.

Police say Ross was threatening the officer's life. Witnesses and friends disagree.

"He tried to climb the gate. She pulled him down by his dreads. He was on the ground. He got up. She shot him and killed him; she murdered him," said witness Khristian Triplett.

"She snatched him down by his dreads. He said, 'I ain't got nothing.' He didn't get down fast enough...boom, boom, twice. He went down, and she shot him a third time," said Kenneth Cobbin, also a witness.

A memorial near the scene-- in the same block where Ross grew up -- was in place Thursday afternoon, reading "R.I.P Tiger," Ross' nickname.

"My son wasnt like that he was a good young man, working hard, trying to get his life back on track. He had problems in the early stages of life," father William Ross said.

Ross' family came down to Area 1 police headquarters Thursday morning to talk to detectives. They say he did nothing wrong and want more details about what happened.

"We want answers and we want justice. That's what we want," said Theresa Griffin, suspect's cousin, in tears.

"We really don't know what happened. We're hearing so many different stories about what really happened," said William Ross, father.

Ross' family believes he was shot while trying to surrender.

"He's an excellent father, working for the government as a postal worker. He never had any type of run-ins with the law," said William Beck, suspect's cousin.

The Independent Police Review Authority, which looks into all police-involved shootings, is investigating. A forensic expert from the Chicago Police Department returned to the scene Thursday afternoon.

Ross leaves behind two daughters, ages 6 and 7. He was supposed to spend Thanksgiving with them.

"Thanksgiving is over with for us because my son won't be here to...my son will not be here today," said Lisa Ross, mother.

According to Ross' father, the family has not received many answers from police. They plan on hiring an attorney.

As for the female officer, ABC7's Jason Knowles was told she was treated and released from an area hospital after suffering injuries to her hand and face.

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