Entertaining Kids at Holiday Parties

December 3, 2011

So, how can you keep the kids occupied so you can have fun, too?

Melissa Philips, event planner and owner of Simply Perfect Events joined us in our ABC7 studio with simple activities to keep your children entertained.

Melissa's Tips:

1. Dessert Decorations
Use sugar cookies, frosting and toppings as the centerpiece for the kids table. Decorating their own dessert is a fun way to keep the kids occupied without them even knowing it!

2. Arts and Crafts
Set up an arts and crafts table so they can make their own Christmas tree ornaments. Then, the kids can spend the evening decorating the tree.

3. Fun and Games
From video games and board games to scavenger hunts, any gaming activity keeps the kids entertained for hours.

4. Comfy Cinema
Invite kids to bring their pajamas to the party. Then set up a living room or den with comfortable seating, pillows and blankets, and turn it into a cozy movie room.

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