Is sleeping with your pets bad for you?

December 8, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Researchers say this cozy cohabitation could breed a living nightmare.

Veterinarian Dr. Tony Kremer visited ABC7 to break it down. He said the CDC study sounds very scary for the health of our families. In rare cases, some people caught illnesses like meningitis, cat scratch fevers, the plague and rabies.

So, what other diseases can we catch from our pets? The answer is ringworm and intestinal parasites, an allergic rash.

What precautions do we need to take if we are indeed going to let our pets sleep on our bed?

According to Dr. Tony:

-Veterinary visits and vaccination
- Removal of internal parasites
- Monthly heartworm prevention including flea and tick prevention
-Don't let pets lick your face
- Importance of frequent bathing and grooming

Bottom line: Anytime people have close contact with their pets, there's some risk, but its very small. Pets decrease loneliness, lower blood pressure and stress, and give unconditional love. The benefits of having pets outweigh the risks.

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