Kirk talks North Korea, endorses Romney

December 19, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Kirk discussed his concerns with ABC7 Chicago via telephone over the weekend.

"The problem we see is, oftentimes in succession, the new dictator the son will try some military adventure against South Korea to look strong. That's why the South Korean military is on alert tonight. Remember, we have thousands of troops there protecting our allies. The U.S. should issue a statement backing up those allies to make sure North Korea , even though in midst of succession crisis, won't make any false moves," said Kirk.

The senator also says U.S. troops may go on alert as South Korean troops have to discourage North Korea from taking any military action.

On issue of U.S. politics, Kirk formally endorsed Mitt Romney for the Republican presidential nomination on Monday. In a statement prepared in advance of the endorsement, Kirk wrote, "Romney will cut spending, repeal the health care law, and restore private sector economic growth."

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