Holiday Entertaining Party Ideas

December 19, 2011 9:49:35 AM PST
This week, families and friends will gather for holiday parties. There's no need to stress out over what to serve your guests.

Tim Laird has compiled several easy ideas in his book "That's Entertaining".

    Tim's Stress Free Suggestions:
  • Begin with a plan by writing down everything you will be serving for you Holiday meal or party
  • Make a timeline of activities and do as much ahead of time as possible
  • Have a signature holiday cocktail ready to serve to get your guests into the spirit
  • Always be a responsible host and offer plenty of alcohol free beverages

Holiday Cocktails: Mistletoe Martini, Hot Apple Pie, SoCo Coco

Holiday Snacks: Sweet and Spicy Nuts

Holiday Centerpiece Idea
Decorating idea with cranberries: Place a candle in a hurricane glass then fill the sides with cranberries for a festive look.

Party Favor/House Gift
Party favors: It's always nice to leave with a little something to remember the evening. Place a basket near the door with party favors so you will remember to give one to each guest on their way out.

Put a couple handfuls of raw chestnuts (purchased at your local grocer at holiday time) in a small brown lunch bag along with a slip of paper with directions on how to roast them.

Roasted Chestnuts - Make a large X in each chestnut with a sharp paring knife, cutting through shell. Roast in a 400-degree oven for 15 to 20 minutes or until they are tender and the shell comes off easily, peel and enjoy.