Mom keeps daughters with disabilities active

December 22, 2011

A south suburban mother is hoping to achieve that for her daughter with a disability.

Naheda Jablonski is a working single mother with two daughters.

"Sofia is my oldest daughter. She's 11 years old and has CP," Jablonski said. "I have a second daughter, and her name is Stephanie. And her ear wasn't fully developed, and she hears muffled from that ear. And it's called Microtia, the problem with the ear, but she's doing wonderfully."

As a single mom, she keeps her daughters as active as possible with ballet, baseball and soccer.

"Both of my girls actually, anything they say they want to do, I will help them and figure out a way to do it," Jablonski said.

The biggest challenge for Jablonski is with Sofia.

"She's getting bigger, she's heavier," she said. "Just being able to pick her up, get her washed, get her dressed and bring her down the stairs, put her in a chair, even just feeding her. She has trouble; she's mobile where she can move her hands. She cannot eat on her own, she can't sit and hold her book and read by herself."

To help make Sofia more independent, they need to make their home accessible or move.

"I did put the house up for sale for over two years, and this whole area had a lot of houses for sale," Jablonski said. "There were a lot of foreclosures, a lot of stuff was going on here. We really didn't have much luck with selling.

"We actually bought the house a few years before she was born," Jablonski said. "We didn't know we would have a child with a disability at the time.

"The chair doesn't go up to the bedrooms. I have to carry her up there, and I basically just lay her on the bed until I find clothes for her to wear," said Jablonski.

Sofia's sister Stephanie says she wants her sister to have the same access that she has.

"It would be nice if she could go to her room and play with me, and maybe I could go to my room and do different things," Stephanie aid. "She can't do that because there's stairs going up and down."

"They're getting to be teenagers, and I want them to be able to pick out their own clothes and do everything that other young girls are able to do and be comfortable and be able to go to the bathroom, go to their bedroom with a friend or something," Jablonski said. "And right now she can't really do that in the home."

"I want to be able to get around by myself independently," Sofia said.

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