Shoppers flock to stores for returns, bargains

December 26, 2011 (CHICAGO)

Retailers hoped for a record-setting day.

Shoppers are expected to return more than $46 billion worth of gifts. But retailers hope while Americans are returning, they will also be buying and taking advantage of post-Christmas bargains.

Those who resisted the urge to shop for themselves let loose Monday.

"So far it doesn't seem that crowded. It's a good day. The weather's great. It supposed to be about 48 degrees. The weather is great today, great day for shopping," said Marvella Hunter.

Sisters Willie Clemons and Dorothy Thompson came to Ford City Mall to help themselves into some new apparel.

"It's very good, very good. I came in before Christmas, they were expensive. I came in after Christmas, I got them after Christmas at a price I like," said Clemons.

"It's more like a Black Friday to me. So I enjoyed and I'm happy with what I found," said Thompson.

At the Target on Elston, bargain hunters made out, especially those planning ahead to next holiday season.

"Mostly wrapping paper, some cards, wine bags. Things we'll use next year but half the price," said Norman Wolfe.

"I had to buy oatmeal...and I ended up buying Christmas stuff instead," said Janice Cabalitca.

Monday was also a day for returning those gifts that weren't exactly right.

"It's return day. We thought it would be a lot busier. But we're out early to make returns," said Jonathan Feinstein.

Some making returns had more company. Shoppers tell ABC7 the Kohl's in Burbank had long return lines. Cecile Campana and her daughter Amy Baez team say they will focus on shopping, not making returns.

"It was certainly discouraging to me. I saw about 25 people ahead of me and I just don't have the energy to wait that long. So we'll see what happens," said Campana.

"We're glad we're parked so close. We just threw it back in the trunk for now. Yeah, a little discouraging," said Baez.

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