Grafton Twp. pantry low on food

An article in the Daily Herald Thursday alerted residents of the dwindling supplies at the Grafton Township Food Pantry. People responded.

Ken Lacher has seen family members struggle with unemployment, so he gives what he can and organizes donation drives in his neighborhood.

"We were getting stuff together anyhow and I found out in the newspaper today that their pantry was almost bare," Lacher said. "So I wanted to get it over here today to hopefully help someone in need."

Huntley resident Ellen Drivakos was injured and hasn't been able for work for three years. She used to volunteer at the food pantry but now she is a client.

"I had a freak accident and I just ended up in the situation that I'm in, Drivakos said. "For me, it was very difficult and I'm able to get by what I'm doing here.

In recent weeks supplies have been running low at the pantry. The township supervisor says their overstock warehouse is nearly bare...and they only have what's left in the township office.

"With Christmas, everyone extended themselves and the people who normally donate probably are having trouble feeling like they can spend money to donate to the food pantry," said Grafton Township Supervisor Linda Moore.

Ruby Hornig also saw the article. She grew up a sharecroppers daughter and went into her pantry to share what she had.

"I was raised with nine other children and lots of time we didnt have very much food and I know where they are coming from," she said.

Moore said while there are other assistance programs nearby, they struggle to keep up with demand.

"The need is always there and its only increasing," she said. "Our statistics keep rising on how many people are coming in."

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