Cops: Man tried to use stun gun in Schaumburg home invasion

January 5, 2012 4:16:38 PM PST
Police in northwest suburban Schaumburg are looking for man who used a stun gun to try and force his way into a home Wednesday. A 28-year-old woman was attacked.

The victim's fiance said she is doing fine physically, but mentally is another story. He said she was fortunate that he was home upstairs at the time the attacker came to the home. He may have scared the man away and saved his fiance from being more seriously hurt.

Police say the man knocked on the door, and when the woman answered the door, he asked to use the bathroom then forced his way in by pushing the woman over and using a Taser. But she managed to get him to leave before he could do more serious harm.

"She actually started to tussle and struggle with the offender," said Schaumburg Police Sergeant John Nebl. "She yelled for her roommate. At that time the offender realized there was somebody else in the residence and the offender promptly fled the residence,"

The victim's fiance came running downstairs when he heard the commotion, but the offender was already gone.

"It was very, very hard on me," said the fiance. "Knowing that she was being attacked, that I was there at the time--I thank God that I was there and able to stop it before I progressed further."

It happened at 7:15 a.m. Wednesday morning, when few neighbors were out who may have seen the suspect.

But those who have heard about it say they are concerned.

"We don't know if the guy is gonna come back or not," said neighbor Lena Michalwska.

Police have released a description of the suspect, a male between 45- to 55 years old, heavy set, about 5'11", 270 pounds, wearing a dark knit cap and a pullover sweatshirt and jeans.

"Any type of home invasion alone is a very, very serious felony," said Nebl.

Schaumburg police said a home invasion in this community is rare to start with. They are hoping to come up with a sketch of the suspect.

In the meantime, police are warning residents not to open their doors to strangers.