Snow cleanup under way in northwest Ind.

February 11, 2012 3:43:02 PM PST
The winter weather has made driving a bit hazardous for those out on the roads, especially drivers in northwest Indiana.

The roads in Gary were fairly snow-covered and slick Saturday morning.

Crews were spotted shoveling at the South Shore train station near Miller after lake-effect snow fell in the area.

Friday night, Gary's new mayor actually jumped into a snowplow to see the roads firsthand.

"I want to come out and see exactly how hazardous and how we're doing and whether there are things that need to be stepped up," Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson said.

The city of Gary was ready, and had their clean-up plan in place.

"We're looking at running two eight hour shifts as opposed to yesterday where we ran two 12 hour shifts," said Cozy Weatherspoon, director of general services. "We think we can get this thing pretty much cleaned up, and side streets salted within that time frame"

Further south and east near the Miller Beach community, there was close to half a foot of snow with crews there shoveling the Miller train station and residents hard at work.

"I seen it coming down last night, so I had to wait until it all finished," said Tyrone Tyler.

The snow stopped after midnight and left a big mess. In Portage County, the heavy snowfall caused accidents and spin outs all across the roadways.

The snow came in waves, but crews were ready. They had been preparing for the storm since Monday.

"Every vehicle in the city that has four-wheel drive that can handle a plow on the front of it gets one," said Portage Mayor James Snyder.

This latest snowfall is a big reminder of how mild winter has been.

"It has been a great winter," said Bernardine Carter. "I heard rumors back in November that the winter was going to be so terrible, and this, and that, and everybody was getting scared. It has been beautiful, this is nothing, it's not that bad at all."