Stage collapse survivor angered by band's response

February 21, 2012 9:01:07 PM PST
Sugarland was Beth Urschel's favorite band. She was looking forward to a great night at their concert in August with her partner Tammy. When the stage collapsed, they were unable to escape. Tammy was killed and Urschel was seriously injured.

Now the band's attorneys are adding insult to injury, Urschel says.

"To hear them not take responsibility partly for keeping us out there, yeah, that hurts and it does anger me," she told ABC7.

The band filed a response to the lawsuit in which they claimed no fault for the state collapse, calling it an act of God. But the passage that is causing controversy says, "some or all of the plaintiffs' injuries resulted from their own faults."

"We named not only the group but the artists because they need to see what it is like to feel the pain of this kind of an insult," said Kenneth Allen, the attorney representing Urschel and five other clients who were injured or killed in the stage collapse.

According to a deposition by a state fair official, concert organizers tried to convince the band to delay the concert while the storm passed through, but they refused.

"At the end of the day, they did not want to delay the concert because they had a concert in Iowa City the next day, 8 1/2 hours away," said Allen.

Urschel says she believed the announcement from the stage that night that the storm was going to pass through. She says she had no reason to believe that she was in danger.

"It really hurts me that they would blame me for the loss of my spouse," she told ABC7.

Sugarland told the Associated Press they are devastated that people want to point fingers and sensationalize the incident. Their manager issued a statement saying, "fans are the single most important thing to the band."