Officials to talk safety, security at Daley Center courts

March 1, 2012 12:19:58 PM PST
With protesters planning large-scale rallies during this spring's G8-NATO summits and the days leading up to it, court officials are trying to determine if it'd be wise to maintain regular business hours at the Daley Center.

Chief Circuit Court Judge Timothy Evans has set up a meeting on Friday March 2nd with Chicago police, sheriff's and court officials to discuss potential safety concerns. Judge Evans says that at this point he expects the Daley Center and all its court operations to remain open during the summits.

Daley Plaza is the location of a major protest rally set for Saturday May 19th, and while courts are typically closed on the weekend, there are expected to be protest activities in the days ahead of that rally. Court officials say they want to be assured that the thousands of people who are in the Daley Center every day will be able to carry out their business without a threat to safety.