Man takes 50 jobs in 50 states in 50 weeks

March 7, 2012 6:02:51 PM PST
Daniel Seddique of Evanston got going when the going got tough. He was a college graduate without a job and suddenly he had 50 jobs.

A Southern California native, Seddique has at last established his roots here in the Chicago area. He's living in Evanston right now, spending his time promoting his book called 50 Jobs in 50 States. The book tells the story of his unbelievable adventure of working fifty different jobs in fifty different states in just fifty weeks.

"Why did I do this?" Seddique asked. "Well, desperate for a career change in my career path, or lack thereof, and also just curious about the country and I wanted to go on this journey of discovery."

The 30-year-old Seddique was a star runner at USC, but that didn't get him a job no matter how hard he tried. And that's when he came up with the fifty jobs idea. Jump in the jeep and start driving and take one week jobs in every state.

"A lot of the jobs were very tough and daunting," he said. "Like logging, like oil rigging, like coal mining and border patrol. It was very exhausting."

He never lied to his temporary employers about his plan or lack of experience so basically it was always on the job training. For instance, when he was a veterinarian's assistant in horse country.

"My most amazing, memorable job was probably delivering a colt at a horse farm in Kentucky," Seddique said. "(I) actually helped deliver a baby horse."

He built furniture with the Amish in Pennsylvania and made cheese in a small town in Wisconsin. Hard work, but mostly it was fun.

"My most fun was tending bar on Bourbon Street during Mardi Gras," he said.

Fifty jobs in fifty states in fifty weeks and coincidentally it has now been on the market for fifty weeks, and it's selling.

"In the U.S. it's sold over twenty five thousand and internationally over forty," said Seddique.

The best news is that in his forty-eighth state he met Kristen. They just became engaged.