Chicago children send relief to Harrisburg tornado victims

March 9, 2012 3:42:17 PM PST
Volunteers from World Vision Chicago are delivering relief to victims of the tornado in Harrisburg.

They loaded up pallets of supplies onto a 53- foot trailer Friday morning and are on their way to bring toiletries, shoes and other needed supplies to the tornado victims.

In eantime, some students from a school in indiana helped a tornado victim after finding her checkbook and keepsakes in their parking lot.

"We wanted to send it over there because we saw a lot of pictures of all the things that were destroyed in the tornado, and we felt terrible about all that and we wanted to help rebuild things and just feel better about what happened," said Emily Braun, Indiana student.

"I think it's so sweet that the children at this school, you know, would care, you know and do that. It's just so nice," said Janis Choisser, tornado victim.

The children are also sending money and letters with words of encouragement to the tornado victims.