Wandering 3-year-old safe with family

March 18, 2012 3:38:39 PM PDT
A 3-year old boy found wandering in Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood was safe Sunday and back home with his family.

Sambala Kante was alone in the 1600-block of North Spaulding, apparently off on his own adventure.

He gave his mom quite a scare.

"I was so scared, so scared," Alima Kante said.

According to police, it was 8:30 Sunday morning when Sambala, who was being babysat by an uncle while his mother was working at a nearby hair salon, apparently woke up while his uncle was in the shower. Thinking he was alone, Sambala walked out the door, took the elevator downstairs and walked out of the apartment building and into the street.

"The uncle call me," Alima Kante said. "He saw he asked people on the outside, they say police take him."

Alima Kante sad she rushed back home in a panic and searched the neighborhood for a police officer. It was they who took her to Resurrection Hospital, where police had taken Sambala to be checked out.

"You know kids, they're not scared, especially little boy," she said. "They're not scared."

Police said they were contacted by a concerned neighbor who spotted Sambala about a block away from his home. Police say the incident does not appear to be an instance of negligence or neglect.

Alima Kante said Sambala has never wandered off before and she's not giving him any opportunities to do so again.

"We're going to put security on that door," she said. "Even if I go to bathroom, I take him."