Supermarket chains to stop selling 'pink slime'

Safeway has announced that it will no longer be selling ground beef that contains the meat filler known as 'pink slime.'

March 22, 2012 4:16:36 AM PDT
Two major supermarket chains say they will stop selling ground beef containing an additive known as "pink slime."

Safeway, which owns Dominick's grocery store and Supervalu, which owns Jewel-Osco, say they will stop selling beef containing the controversial filler. The USDA and food industry experts say the "lean finely textured beef" is safe to eat. Critics say the ammonia-treated pink additive made from low-quality scraps is less nutritious then pure ground beef. Safeway and Supervalu both say customer concern led to their decision to stop selling the beef.

Whole Foods, Publix and Costco have already said they will only sell ground beef that is free of the additive.