Video reveals magnitude of Henryville tornado

March 29, 2012 8:56:20 PM PDT
A tornado that struck Henryville, Ind., on March 2 devastated the town. Newly released surveillance video reveals the magnitude of that twister.

Sirens wailed in the town when the EF-4 tornado struck.

A school bus was swept across the parking lot, slamming into a car and smashing its windshield. The bus was then lifted and carried across a road straight into a diner.

Just 13 minutes earlier, 11 children on board were headed home. Their driver, Angel Perry, reassured them as the storm bore down.

The bus was three miles from school when Perry decided to head back. A tornado was then spotted on the ground.

The bus pulled up to the school. Just three minutes later, the 36,000 pound bus was blown away.

Henryville sustained heavy damage that day, which saw a wave of tornadoes kill 13 people in Indiana and 24 in Kentucky.

That decision to turn back to the school instead of merely pulling over likely saved those kids lives.