'Occupy' events take place in neighborhoods citywide

April 7, 2012 8:04:01 AM PDT
Protesters in Chicago are kicking off what they call the Chicago Spring Saturday. A number of events were planned, all leading up to demonstrations during the NATO Summit in Chicago in May.

Occupy Chicago calls Saturday a citywide day of action. Groups all across the city were scheduled to rally all day long in 13 neighborhoods. Some events were planned in Chicago's suburbs, as well. Those gathered were set to talk about a number issues, like foreclosures, residents' visions for their communities and genocide.

"This is international Genocide Awareness and Prevention Month throughout the world, and this is the 18th anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. Just yesterday, we experienced a 20th anniversary of the tragedies in the [genocide in ] former Yugoslavia. There are a lot of genocides that are going on, and we feel that this is a timely subject here," said volunteer organizer Johnathan Winbush.

Afterwards, the different groups will all converge in the Loop at 1 p.m. and walk to Butler Field in Grant Park for a festival they say will help to unify the city.