'The Truth About Men'

April 27, 2012 4:51:50 AM PDT
It's no secret that men can be notoriously difficult to read.

What's going on in their minds? Do they mean what they say? And what are they not saying? Why does anyone in a relationship with a man have to spend so much time wondering what things "mean"? Is it good that he called instead of texting? What does it mean that he introduced me to his sister but not his mother or his best friend? Why hasn't he said anything about my birthday yet when it's two weeks from now?

With THE TRUTH ABOUT MEN, #1 bestselling author Dr. Ian Smith, a man who knows what's going on in there, has written a book to decode men for anyone. It's rich with insight and action that readers can take today to make their relationship better tomorrow. The book is full of things that men want you to know, but for whatever reason, won't tell you, including:

*He wants you to initiate the sex, at least some of the time, and mean it.
*A natural body with flaws is better than an almost perfect body made of plastic.
*It's fine for you to set down parameters in the beginning and during a relationship as long as you don't send mixed signals.
*Every once in a while he too is overcome by emotions and would like to cry on someone's shoulder without being thought of as less of a man.
*When it comes to sex, play it straight.
*He doesn't want a wallflower. He wants to be with someone willing to display a reasonable amount of aggression.
*He doesn't mind when you do your thing with the girls, but don't bring the drama home to him.

With great insight, Dr. Ian explains some of the biggest myths when it comes to men, including:

Men Are Afraid of Commitment (Men are looking for commitment, but they fear commitment with the wrong person and the aftermath.)
Men Always Want to be in Control (Not at all. A lot of pressure comes with control. It's much nicer to share the load.)
All Men Think They're Great in Bed (They know this isn't true, even if they want their friends to think it.)
Men Are Afraid of Smart, Successful Women (Men are proud of successful mates. They just don't want to compete with the next job promotion.)
All Men Want is Sex (Men love sex, but they need a lot more than that to keep them happy.)

Dr. Ian has combed through several studies and surveys that address several aspects of a man's thinking.

Most Men Don't Want to Settle Down
False. According to the 2010 Great Male Survey, when asked to choose the ultimate male status symbol. Men replied
36% Having a family
26% Having a high-profile career
21% Having a beautiful wife or girlfriend

Men Want Women to Be More Sexually Adventurous.
True. A survey of more than 6,000 men found that men overwhelmingly want their partner to do a more walking on the wild side. The survey polled both men and women about whether they thought their partner was as sexually adventurous as they would like.
Men: No-67%
Women: No-30.7%

Men's Egos are So Fragile When it Comes to Sex That Even if You Have to Fake an Orgasm. Do it.
False. 80% of men said they would be offended if a woman faked an orgasm during intercourse.

Men don't want to be with women who make more money than them as it makes them feel inferior.
False. 85% of men say that they would still enter a relationship if a woman made more than they do.

A woman's bottom is the body part that turns on most men.
True. 6,000 men were asked which body part of the opposite sex turned them on the most.
Men: Butt 34.5%
Chest 23.2%
Face 14.1%

Pulling back the curtains that hide the inner workings of a man's mind might get Dr. Ian branded as a traitor by some of his fellow XY compatriots, but he nevertheless tells the honest and sometimes painful truth in this revealing book. Any woman who puts its insights into practice will have an instantly happier mate and a stronger, longer relationship.

IAN K. SMITH, M.D., is the number one bestselling author of The Fat Smash Diet, Extreme Fat Smash Diet, The 4 Day Diet and Happy. He is a medical contributor on The Rachael Ray Show, host of the nationally syndicated radio show HealthWatch on American Urban Radio Networks and served as the medical/diet expert for six seasons on VH1's highly-rated Celebrity Fit Club. He is also the creator and founder of two far-reaching national health initiatives -- The 50 Million Pound Challenge and The Makeover Mile. Dr. Smith is a graduate of Harvard College and was recently appointed by President Obama to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports, and Nutrition