Madeleine Albright: NATO good for Chicago

May 2, 2012 7:12:30 PM PDT
Former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright, honorary co-chair of the upcoming NATO summit, says Chicago should be honored to play host, and the inconveniences that come with it are just part of the Democratic process.

Albright was in Chicago Wednesday talking about her new book "Prague Winter" when she spoke with ABC7 exclusively about the summit.

Being in Chicago is a little like coming home for the former secretary of state.

"I'm so glad the NATO summit is going to be here because it is really the best of America," said Albright.

In the early 1960s Albright lived on Chicago's North side and worked for Encyclopedia Britannica, long before she started writing herself.

While Albright is selling books today, she is also selling the idea that NATO is good for Chicago.

"This is a summit where leaders of 28 countries will get together and try to figure out how to plot the next years. This is a very, very complicated time. So Chicago will witness international relations in the making and the transformation of the international system," said Albright.

Along with that come other things that will likely pose challenges for citizens and police.

"Every city, there are various issues that come up supporting an international meeting of any kind, either national or internation, but I have great faith in Mayor Emanuel and the city functionaries to be able to deal with it," she said.

When asked what a successful outcome of the summit would be, the former secretary cited consensus and direction.

"The combination of these things, getting a common understanding on Afghanistan, which has been a NATO project; then on the defense capabilities; then discussing partnerships in terms of other regional organizations and moving forward for a structure for nato in the 21st century," said Albright.

Albright also mentioned that she thinks social media and easy access to information is a plus when it comes to events like NATO because if no one knew they met or what was discussed, it would do no good to have a meeting of world leaders.