Protesters meet, organize at North Side church

May 18, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Three hundred protesters have converged on Wellington United Church of Christ at Broadway and Wellington. The church has become a meeting place where activists come to organize and prepare for a weekend of NATO demonstrations.

Activists have been arriving by the busload as part of the nationwide movement denouncing NATO's military policies.

A group that came in Thursday night gathered at Belmont Harbor before heading to the first anti-NATO protest in Daley Plaza Friday.

"We're here showing solidarity with the people of Chicago and fellow occupiers her, and NATO ties into our message and why we have a problem with Wall Street and why we have issues with corporations and don't believe in the military industrial complex," said Lauren DiGioia, Occupy Wall Street.

Organizers say it is still unclear if more protesters will be met at the church as they continue to demonstrate through the weekend.

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