Loose bull corralled by Fresno police

May 25, 2012 (FRESNO, Calif.)

People who live in the area were all saying the same thing -- that bull is not from around here. In fact the cops think the bull ran a few miles to get to Clara Ave. and Tower Ave. in Southwest Fresno. The bull busted through a fence and was hanging out in the backyard of a home until the cops were able to rope him in.

When dispatchers got the call Friday morning, they realized they have the perfect cop for the job. He's a motorcycle officer with 30 years roping experience. He was able to corral the bull here and keep him from running downtown.

Police put two area schools on lock-down. In their words they can control kids but not bulls. Those lock-downs have been lifted while they try to figure out where the bull came from and how he got to the neighborhood where he was found.

The bull is okay. He was transported to a stockyard. There were no injuries but he had quite an experience.

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