Video captures violent robbery of man, 86

June 10, 2012 (CHICAGO)

Police hope the video will lead to arrests in the case.

For safety reasons, ABC7 will not identify the 86-year-old male victim. The attack happened two months ago on April 3, but despite the wealth of surveillance video, police have been unable to find the perpetrators.

They are hoping that by releasing the video to the public, someone will recognize and report one or both of the offenders.

The surveillance video starts showing one of the two offenders inside the bank on the phone watching the victim as he conducts his business. The next time we see him, he is inside a Currency Exchange the victim later went to. After this, police said the victim took care of another couple of errands before calling a livery service to take him home.

His arrival is also captured on surveillance tape, as well as the arrival of the men following him. At one point, you see the livery driver helping the victim with his bags into the building and one of the offenders following him inside.

Moments later, the first offender lets a second man into the building and this is when they attack him, one offender choking the victim while the other removes his shoes where he earlier saw the victim hiding his money.

Once they've robbed him, they drop him unconscious on the floor and leave the building, exchanging words with the livery driver before taking off in their own vehicle.

"I thought I fell down, I thought I had fainted and then a neighbor told me I'd been robbed," the victim said. "I believe they will be caught because they're not going stop until they are caught."

"This is one of those crimes that hits us in the pit of the stomach," said Chicago police Officer John Mirabelli. "Even as law enforcement, it's downright detestable."

Crimes Stoppers is offering a $1,000 for information leading to arrests.

"Here's what you do," said George McDade of Crime Stoppers. "Look out your doors, look at your neighbors, look to the left, look to the right, look in front of you, look in back. These guys live near you. We want to know who they are."

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