7 in the City: Flying Trapeze in Chicago

June 14, 2012

(PRESS RELEASE) On April 1st, 2012 TSNY Chicago opened at the Broadway Armory in Chicago's Edgewater neighborhood. Then on May 19th, 2012 the flying trapeze located outside by the sunny South Belmont Harbor re-opened for the summer season. Kids ages 6 and above and adults of all ages have the chance to live out their life-long dreams of being in the circus. Individual flying trapeze classes will be available all year-round. During a 2-hour class up to 10 students will learn their first two trapeze tricks: a knee hang and a back flip dismount into the net. At the end of class students will have the opportunity to be caught while hanging from their knees. In addition to flying trapeze our school offers classes in acrobatic yoga, trampoline, aerial silks and static trapeze.

Trapeze School New York in Chicago is a great venue for birthday parties, corporate events and team building activities, bachelorette parties and many other celebrations. What to expect: When you climb the ladder you realize for the first time that the platform is higher than you think it is. You consider climbing back down, but when you look up you see the smiling face of an instructor who seems so comfortable so high up. It can't be that hard, you think. As you take that first step onto the platform, you can see that the friendly instructor is talking to you but you can't hear her for some reason.

What is that noise you think? Thud Thud Thud. That's your heart reminding you that you are alive. The instructor is looking at you like you are supposed to be answering a question. I'm sorry what did you say? She asks if your heart is beating really loud. Yes, it is. How did she know, can she hear it too? Good, she says, that's adrenaline and you are going to use it. Standing 23 feet above the ground, attached to safety lines, you leap off the platform and swing through the air above a trustworthy net. This sport helps students build self-esteem and the confidence to take on any challenge.

The first leap, although daunting, can be the beginning of something amazing; the realization that life should be enjoyed, that you can conquer your fears, that you can learn new tricks no matter what age, that fitness doesn't always have to happen on the treadmill, and that the circus is closer than you think. With its primary location in NYC, Trapeze School New York (TSNY) is dedicated to making flying trapeze accessible to everyone who has ever been curious about the joys of flying. Open since 2002, TSNY has been teaching people of all ages and all walks of life incredible and exhilarating tricks almost 30 feet above the ground. With additional locations for students in Boston, D.C. and L.A., Chicago patrons can now join the ranks of many budding and enthusiastic beginner trapeze artists. For more information www.chicago.trapezeschool.com or call (773) 484-8861

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