Bizarre summer beauty finds

Trend watcher, Anna De Souza shows us what's hot and new this year in bizarre beauty for the face, hair and body.

Mai Couture Foundation Sheets, $24
Foundation is typically a liquid or powder, but this new product offers coverage with the swipe of a paper!

M*A*C Magically Cool Liquid Powder, $30
This powder is a fusion of water and pigment that goes on as a loose powder but -here's the catch - it's highly refreshing with an almost mist-like feel. (It feels like you're dipping your fingers into cold water!)

Maybelline Dream Nude Airfoam Lightweight Foam Foundation, $10.99
Mousse for your face? Say hello to light and airy foundation application this summer with this formula that won't weigh you down!

Violent Lips Lip Tattoos, $14.95
No more sticky lipgloss (or flyaway hair that seems magnetized to the goopy stuff). Set your lips and forget it with lip tattoos that wont budge, despite the temps.

Cynthia Rowland Luscious Lips Pump, $49.95
This pump plumps up lips minus creams or injectables!

Eye Rock Designer Liner, $13
Can't find your eyeshadow primer to keep your look pristine all day? Forget it! With these eyeliner stickers you can go 16+ hours without retouches or creased, greasy lids.


Nails Inc. Magnetic Nail Polish, $16
This unique formula has been specially developed with metallic particles to create a fishnet nail effect using magnetic forces.

UV Effects Top Coat, $9.50 Just expose your tips to some direct sunlight and watch as the shades change-red to pink and black to blue.

Scentsational Six Fruit-Scented Nail Lacquers, $24.50
From mango, to cherry and watermelon, these color-packed polishes will keep your tips fragrantly delicious all day long.

Skin Kiss Fake Tan Tights, $16
These revolutionary tights, which are doused with self-tanner, gets your gams gorgeously bronzed without the mess!

bliss' fatgirlsixpack
Available in July, but immediately buzzworthy!
This tummy toning gel is applied with a knobby ab-activating applicator!

Eufora International's Creative Streak Collection
Available very soon!
Taking hair chalking to the next level, these hair combs give you Lauren Conrad color, without the commitment or split ends from drying chalk!

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